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All About the recycle challenge

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Welcome to A world of paper dresses, Rose princesses, queens, and where recycling becomes smart art!

On Earth Day 2022, April 22nd-23rd, 2022, with New Orleans as the backdrop, 200 attendees gathered from 5 pm to 10 pm each day. During the mini-festival, musical acts featuring performances from gospel, jazz, and a brass band were represented, along with DJ Juane Jordan provided music with special appearances from Le Bon Ton Baby Dolls, SPIRIT 2 Da Street- Second Line dancers, children drummers, twenty-four paper hats featuring models from Chic Nouvellle wearing paper hats by the Milliners AssociatiThe admission on of Nigeria.


Black Pearl MarketPlace serves as the producer, raising funds to provide teaching & employment opportunities for youth and adults for Literacy Project International aka Whose Magazine? A Youth Publication, and Canada's Ise Aanu for 2022 to 2023.

As an eco-business alliance between New Orleans St. Roch Market, sponsors include HEALTH N.U.T.T. System, Eating Clean With Rah.


Co-sponsors include Mike's Hardware (provided supplies for the project), The McCormick Family (provides meeting space)


Through Chic Nouvelle Model & Talent Management which provided funding stipends for youth and adult artists through Ya’ Heard Me & TANDEM ED grant.


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The annual event encouraged attendees to enter "free" when bringing unwanted glass bottles or jars and donate to the onsite glass recycling station, provided by Glass Half Full NOLA. The KICK-OFF events featured paper dresses with two New Orleans Queens. The SunFlower Queen is to acknowledge Dr. Kendra Andrus representing Children's College of Academics International along with Rose Princesses, ages 4- 10 years with their parents. Thee Church Dress Queen Mariah Casimier sponsored by Eating Clean With Rah.


Over the past year, these two dresses along with the six or so more in development and thirty-plus fascinators, berets to wide brims paper hats from Milliner's Association of Nigeria. Are all part of #THERECYCLECHALLENGE which intertwines culture, and collaboration with paying homage to historical connections.


#THERECYCLECHALLENGE addresses a serious global need to reduce waste, and transform waste into viable products or vibrant works of art. The Challenge does both. New Orleans, is the perfect place to KICK-OFF an earth-friendly platform with artists demonstrating on location and virtually ways that trash can become anything!


What will 2023 feature? Details to follow.

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