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    Madera E. Rogers-Henry-New Orleans                                 Brian Baskins-New Orleans                                            Folake Okunaiya-Nigeria                                            Odusile Oluwaseun-Nigeria                CFO, Creative Dir. & Main Recycle Artist                             St. Roch Market Manager                                             Nigeria Coordinator & Milliners                                                  Web Page Support                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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    Jane Olaosebikan Aghogho-Nigeria                                 Rueben Craddock-New Orleans                                             Linda C. Shaw-Denver, Colorado                                    Abigail Scorsone- New Orleans                     Youth Outreach                                                  Paper Dress Body Fabricator& Paper Artist                        Spokesperson, Praise Poet & Announcer                               GAMBIT MEDIA PARTNER                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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         Tive Ijoko-New Orleans                                                 John Edom-Lagos                                                         Franziska Trautmann-New Orleans                              Bernard Grant --Denver, Colorado          Support Outreach to Co-Founder                                     Sculpturer & Paper Artist                                                 Co-Founder of Glass Half Full Nola                                              Official Photographer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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Joining our planning team is co-sponsor, Michelle Ochoa the Founder & CEO of Vendorzs. I’ve been in the tech industry for many years but after I became a vendor at pop-up markets I quickly realized there was a serious problem in the event space worth solving. Many pop-up markets are managing vendor sign-ups and collecting payments manually not to mention the social media platforms are filled with scammers!    I decided to create the Vendorzs app to help local pop-up event creators like farmers' markets, community/city events, art festivals, and conventions easily manage vendor applications and safely collect payments.    Since we verify all of our event creators on the app, vendors can find REAL events to join and pay faster and more securely than ever before. It’s that simple. Our mission is to promote small business growth and continue to create tools to help businesses be more successful.
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 Michelle Ochoa-Houston,Texas                                           Oyinlola Sales-Lagos  -New Orleans                                             Michelle Nixon-Stanton                                                                   
    Founder of VENDORZS                                                    Founder of Audacity Agency/Media                                            Treasury CCI Fiscal Agent                          

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part of a global


 Click the image, read her Recycle Story

Volunteer Support

Resilience Force

Sherlynn Lambert 
   Email Support 

Rev. Casimier-New Orleans         System & Choir          

                             Ahhav Casimier -New Orleans     
                               MC & Fitness Trainer/Coach                                                                                                  

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2023 GOALS

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2019 Video: Youth chef with our


from New Orleans, Light Christian




The 2nd Annual Earth Day Celebration is scheduling a week-long of events from April 18th, to the 23rd, 2023, and will be located at St. Roch's Market in New Orleans, Louisiana for the second time.

For the 2023 event in the U.S. and Nigeria, we are currently planning in-person & online workshops for youth. Through our planning team for Nigeria and New Orleans, we are reaching out to a small number of faith-based organizations and schools. As we plan, a year in advance, we are excited to feature activities for the entire family. Most importantly, through these activities, we address youth empowerment through developing programming that increases increase critical thinking skills, writing, art appreciation, and public speaking. 

Our event is raising funds for Literacy Project International AKA Whose Magazine? A Youth Publication. 

Click to see our planned programming, and view our schedule for 2023.
Through THE RECYCLE CHALLENGE with Whose Magazine? A Youth Publication, youth can participate informally in programming that introduces art and information about the environment. We bridge the world of activism, sustainability, recycling, and art. Art can solve issues around the environment while reducing trash pollution. 

Theo Read with Jhan and Hailey IMG_9819 (1)_edited.jpg

2018 Photo: Youth participate in

a press conference for THE RECYCLE

CHALLENGE (left Hailey and right

standing Robert) Discussing the effects 

of trash and recycling. Debate Program 

from New Orleans, Light Christian


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Demonstrate a new model for cleaner, greener, safer, and socially conscious events that stimulate our senses even as they challenge our perceptions. As we turn trash into art, we will also turn art into social consciousness. Most performers incorporated an aspect of recycling to repurpose into their performing attires.
*Youth involvement & participation as artists and storytellers.

*Many live musical performances will incorporate youth

*  Virtual and in-person presentations will feature youth in guest spots 


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2018 Photo: Madera Rogers-Henry working


create a puppet of paper from Light Christian


We are in our fundraising cycle for THE RECYCLE CHALLENGE any amount you can share would assist us in sustaining our 2022-2023 year! Funding provides our Youth & Adult artists with stipends to create smart art. 
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2018 Photo: Youth from Light Christian Academy work in the hallway to work on a recycled paper project. Light Christian Academy


  1. Children participate in activities that foster knowing more about the environment. More specifically, through art youth are taught in a hands-on approach. They begin to shift how they view recycling, repurposing, and reducing trash, and see it as a cool way to create viable art from trash.  

  2. Through their various experiences, each participant begins to utilize writing, reading, and critical thinking skills to convey their thoughts.

  3. All written material from all of our programming goes into our 11X17 size magazine. The submitted work by youth turns into a feature within Whose Magazine? A Youth Publication issue. 

  4. When youth begin to see the positive results they create, there's a tremendous amount of pride. They become their futures now! As published photographers to published writers, poets, and cartoonists.

  5. Through our Whose Magazine? A Youth Publication assignments, many of our youth have traveled, and interviewed major celebrities, to interviewing celebrities on the red carpet at numerous film festivals. We connect youth to real-world assignments that assist them to know they can access the world, and be anything they set their minds to be. More importantly, they prepare themselves for college to work preparation.

  6. Over the past twelve years, our programs foster about 80% parental involvement. Many of our activities incorporate parents and guardians who assist as a support team, volunteer researchers, and the like.


“Through our festival, we bring together young and old, alike. We are a family-friendly experience that showcases music, fashion, and art and intertwines to showcase recycling and repurposing. It's a positive vibe that celebrates the rich African history that's so abundant in New Orleans. THE RECYCLE CHALLENGE educates attendees on culture and traditions repurposed from paper and other rubbish into whimsical to stunning wearable works of art and costumes. “

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