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BringinTogether Communities in a Display of Sustainability

[New Orleans, La.] - The Recycle Challenge Parade and Festival is back, and this year it's bigger and better than ever! We are excited to announce that the festival will feature not one but two locations, offering unique experiences that embody the spirit and vibrancy of each neighborhood.


To encourage recycling and reduce waste, we are implementing a "Recycle for Free Admission" program. Simply bring your recyclable items, such as plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and paper products, to the designated recycling stations at the festival entrance. In exchange, attendees receive complimentary admission to enjoy all the festivities and attractions that the Recycle Challenge Parade and Festival has to offer. This initiative not only encourages individuals to actively participate in recycling efforts but also highlights the importance of responsible waste management in our communities.


For those seeking a more premium experience, we are excited to introduce an affordable VIP seating package for both the festival and the parade. This exclusive package provides guests with enhanced amenities, prime seating locations, and special access to VIP-only areas. By purchasing this ticket, VIP guests directly contribute to the non-profit Literacy Project International aka Whose Magazine? A Youth Publication.



On Friday, April 19, 2024, the Recycle Challenge Parade and Festival will kick off with a neighborhood walking parade in Location One. This event promises to be a fun-filled spectacle, showcasing costumes and clothing from recycled trash, and connecting the stories of the neighborhood while introducing to our communities information & innovative ways to engage in recycling and sustainable living. Residents and spectators can join in the excitement as the parade weaves its way through the streets, spreading awareness about the importance of recycling and environmental stewardship. On Saturday, April 20, 2024, the festival will take place in the Seabrook, Ponchatrain Park, and Gentilly neighborhoods, Location One. These neighborhoods are known for their unique atmosphere, and this will be reflected in the festival as well. Join us for a day of engaging activities, live music, delicious food, and interactive exhibits that highlight the creativity and dedication of local businesses and residents when it comes to recycling and taking care of our planet. But the excitement doesn't end there! Location Two will host the festival on Sunday, April 21, 2024, and Earth Day on Monday. The festivities will focus on the Faubourg Marigny, St. Roch, and Bywater neighborhood area businesses, starting at St. Claude Avenue and Elysian Fields    Avenues. This part of town is renowned for its artsy vibe, and the Recycle Challenge Parade and Festival will celebrate this unique spirit with a walking parade that truly embodies the essence of these neighborhoods. Join us in showcasing the incredible efforts of local businesses towards sustainability, while enjoying a lively atmosphere filled with music, art, and entertainment. "At its core, the Recycle Challenge Parade and Festival is about bringing communities together and creating lasting change. This year, we are thrilled to offer two unique locations that truly capture the essence of each neighborhood. Through our parade and festival, we hope to inspire individuals, businesses, and organizations to embrace sustainable practices and make a positive impact on our planet," said Madera Rogers-Henry event organizer. The Recycle Challenge Parade and Festival is an opportunity for people from all walks of life to come together, celebrate our environment, and learn about the importance of recycling and sustainable living. We invite everyone to join us and be a part of this incredible event. For more information, please visit our website at [website link] or follow us on social media for real-time updates. Let's join hands and pave the way towards a greener, cleaner future! About Recycle Challenge Parade and Festival The Recycle Challenge Parade and Festival is an annual event dedicated to promoting sustainable practices and environmental awareness. The festival includes parades, exhibitions, and engaging activities designed to showcase the efforts of local communities and businesses in leading the way towards a more sustainable future. About Literacy Project International aka Whose Magazine? A Youth Publication By participating in the Recycle Challenge Parade and Festival, attendees not only contribute to the preservation of our planet but also to the advancement of literacy in our community. A portion of the funds raised will go directly towards supporting Literacy Project International's mission of providing resources, mentorship, and educational opportunities to young individuals, empowering them to become effective communicators and active members of society. " Our festival aims to make a positive impact on multiple fronts, and by investing in the educational development of young individuals, we make a lasting difference in our community," said Madera Rogers-Henry, a recycle artist and event organizer. For more information on Literacy Project International aka Whose Magazine? A Youth Publication visit 

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