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April 22, 2023 - SMART ART OF TRASH 

The Smart Art Of Trash is  The Recycle Challenge walking and performance parade sponsored by JAMNOLA. Features youth to adult performers from bands,  poets, musicians, stilt walkers, and artists honoring recycling, and repurposing to upcycled costumes and dress floats.

All are worn by princesses, queens, and kings with krewe names such as The JamNola Queen, Burlesque Queen, The African Queen, Skate Queen & King, The Sun Flower Paper Dress Queen, and Thee Church Queen, The Queen of Black and White, along with Liberty and Freedoms Princess and others! 

This parade will feature fifty-plus to one hundred krewe members.

LUNDI GRAS PARADE ROUTE Hours: 2 PM SHARP! Ala Carte Reservations & Online available on November 30, 2022 Event feature a "Live-Stream" experience. Reserved Seating & Standing Areas. It is encouraged for parade goers to bring lawn chairs for comfort. Roaming vendors will be on sight with various meals and such. Along with St. Roch Market Food vendors. This parade awakes the imagination as one part of the eparade begins at Benaladia in the ByWater neighborhood and then joins us at the St. Roch Market location as it winds through the neighborhood. We will inroduce to you over ten queens and their courts of meriment. Through performing arts with dancers, stiltwalkers, drummers and more we introduce New Orleans rich culture through storytellers, poets, dance, wearable art as paper dresses, gowns, suits and rose pricesses. You are part of an art performance in the street that shares the story of nature, life and history. Parade goers can expect to be wowed with marching bands and dancers and instead of being thrown a "throw", New Orleans Mardi Grais features throws from floats. We feature "gives" that are handed out by our team of performers throughout the parade route. The throws will range from jewelry, accessories, money, food and free tickets. Many of our "gives" are hand made and come from the heart. When you recieve a "give" it's something you can use, wear or enjoy. All of course with a recycling, organic, natural or good for you them.


See what five-days and one Saturday looks like!

Become a Krewe Member of The Recycle Challenge Just click here For Monday, February 20, 20



  • This is your next step for Lundi Gras krewe preparations.

  • Join us for Community Builds which allows children and adults to gather as a team to assemble and prepare masks to costumes.

ZOOM  MEETING February 8th, 2023 - Wednesday 

      8pm - 8:45pm 

       Must include all non-profits with children or youth



  • This information provides the best suggestions on your preparedness, whether you're traveling to New Orleans or a local.

  • What to Wear under your costumes, building dates or fittings (TBA), and organizing volunteer work you've requested.

PARADE THROWS For LUNDI GRAS, we won't be handing out throws, but rather handing out VIP PASS & GET OUT YOUR TRASH Sidewalk Walking Parade. See the below example that will be provided.

  • The pass will be laminated.

  • Krewe members should say "Recycle this and pass it forward." 

Free Passes .png
                Black and White 

 MEN & WOMEN (Do not buy anything new. If you need to purchase items, strive to go second-hand, thrift store items only!) 

1. Turtlenecks,  leggings, scarves & gloves for warmth.

2. Gloves (black or white wool stretchable gloves)

3. Comfortable shoes. We are walking a mile!


Button-down shirts, tee-shirts, and or pullovers. 

2. Scarves (solid colors, checkered/lines/circles) 

3. Leggings in black or white/checkered/lines/circles)

5. Dark Comfortable Shoes or Tennis shoes


There's an art to living life to the fullest. May we celebrate our differences and appreciate our similarities. 

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