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Sponsorship includes:

- Recognition as a Sustainable Level sponsor on all event promotional materials, including flyers, social media posts, and the event website.

- Logo placement on event banners and signage.

- Opportunity to include promotional materials in attendee gift bags.

- Mention in event press releases and media coverage.

- Verbal acknowledgment as a Sustainable sponsor during the event opening ceremonies.


RECYCLE Level - $1,000 Sponsorship

- All SUSTAINABLE Level benefits, plus:

- Enhanced logo placement on event banners and signage.

- Logo inclusion in all event radio and television advertisements

- Dedicated social media post featuring your company as a RECYCLE Level sponsor.

- Acknowledgement as a RECYCLE Level sponsor in event-related press interviews.


UPCYCLE LEVEL  $5,000.00


- All RECYCLE Level benefits, plus:

- 1 costume designed for a queen, king, or princess you select or we can provide to walk in one of the parades with the company name incorporated in the costume. 

-Prominent logo placement on event banners and signage.

- Exclusive mention in event radio and television advertisements.

- Banner placement at the event main stage or entrance area.

- Featured company profile and logo on the event website.

- Opportunity for a company representative to speak at the event opening ceremonies.



Thank you for your interest in sponsoring the Recycle Challenge. We truly appreciate your commitment to environmental sustainability and your desire to make a positive impact in our community. We have put together sponsorship packages at different levels to provide you with a range of options to suit your budget and desired level of involvement.


These sponsorship levels and benefits are just a starting point. If you have specific requirements or ideas about how you would like to contribute or be recognized as a sponsor, please let us know, and we would be happy to customize a package to meet your needs.


Krewe member, Reuben Craddock and daughter Dere, in walking parade 


Eart Day Parade Level Sponsorship includes:


Additional Cost Throws”- $100.00 for 100 customized paradegoers “throws”, we call them “gives”.


Logo Display:

- Our team will create one wearable costume (dress, suit, etc.) that incorporates your company’s name or logo, highlighted on the parade route, ensuring high visibility to all parade participants and spectators.

- Your company logo will be featured on event banners and signage along the parade route.- The logo will also be prominently displayed on the event website and in the event program.


- Your company will be recognized as an official Parade Level sponsor in the walking parade event press releases, maximizing exposure and increasing brand recognition within the community.

- A special mention of your sponsorship will be announced during the pre-parade festivities to ensure that attendees are aware of your support.

Social Media Exposure:

- We will give your company a shout-out on our social media platforms, showcasing your involvement in the parade to our followers.

- Your company will be tagged in related social media posts leading up to the event, increasing your online presence and driving traffic to your platforms.


We will work closely with you to ensure that your sponsorship is properly acknowledged and celebrated leading up to and during the parade. We can also discuss alternative ways to highlight your partnership, such as providing promotional materials for distribution or offering a discounted rate for participating in a future sustainability-themed event.



The Paper Sunflower Dress Queen, Dr. Kendra Andrus.






At our April 2023 event, we generated over $67,000.00 from in-kind donations. See the photo. This collaboration received support from Pontilly Coffee, The Green Project, and Habitat For Humanity (Restore),  


Additionally, we welcome in-kind contributions if you prefer to support the event through non-financial means. Examples of in-kind sponsorships could include providing recycling bins, printing promotional materials, donating services such as computer data, and accounting, or donating prizes for a raffle or contest.

If, you would like to review our 2023 IN-KIND DONATION REPORT,

do email us at in the subject line Request In-Kind Report.

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