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Artists and vendors we are excited to have you consider participating

in THE RECYCLE CHALLENGE Parade & Festival. It's very important to note that we are focusing on securing spaces that feature hand-made, hand-crafted products that are recycled, up-cycled, repurposed, and is made in a socially conscious way.

Baby Clothing


Welcome conscious vendors to the world where paper and trash become wearable art and other products. 
It's important to know that our event is raising funds and awareness for Whose Magazine? A Youth Publication aka Literacy Project International whose fiscal agent is CCI (Collaborative Community Initiative Inc.) a 501 (C) 3 with the state of Louisiana with EIN # 82-2561095. 
The aim is to introduce and showcase a wide variety of vendors and art mediums. Be mindful we want to focus on vendors that hand-craft/hand make their own products. In addition to children and youth products. We do accept other vendors that are not in this area, however we want to secure 60% to 80% that meet this criteria. There’s a focus on featuring products that incorporate recycled,up-cycled, and repurposed works of art. 


Fashion Portrait


We intertwine all forms of art, from culinary and healing arts.



* Youth oriented services, clothing & products

* Non-profits (social justice, environment, and other pertinent causes)

* Arts & Crafts, including hand-made art, photography, fine art, folk and non-traditional (emphasis on recycled and repurposed art) 

* Beverage/Merchandise Vendors – Beverages as alcoholic & non-alcoholic brands 

* Healing Arts (massage therapist, counselors, martial artists & yoga)

* Tarot card readers

* Florists


* Bath, Skincare & Cosmetics
*Luxury Vegan, Eco Hand Bags 
* Shoes

* Jewelry (designers, hand-made and limited costume jewelry)
* Clothing (second hand, thrift store, re-cycled to up-cycled, vintage and costumes 
* Jewelry & Accessories (Traditional, eco, second hand to vintage)
* Burning oils, candles & incense
* Arts and Crafts
* Tour Guide companies
* Interior designers (second hand, thrift store, re-cycled to up-cycled, vintage and costumes (seasonal)
* Food Vendors 

Beauty Products


THE RECYCLE CHALLENGE does not accept illegal, adult, or restricted items. The following items are prohibited:

* Adult photography, illicit massage parlors, or adult services
* Tobacco, marijuana, and anything vaping or smoking-related
*Drugs or drug paraphernalia
*Any counterfeit items 
*Explicit sexual content
* Phonecards

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