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earth day 
april 22-23, 2022



(NEW ORLEANS, LA.)     In 2018, youth at several New Orleans Lower Ninth Ward schools were learning how to craft paper dresses, houses to guitars out of recycled material. In 2019, youth and parent's attended an Earth Day celebration featuring vegan chefs, youth performances, and an art show featuring recycled art in the Bywater neighborhood. For Earth Day 2022, New Orleans' Black Pearl MarketPlace creates a global initiative. The eco-business alliances between New Orleans St. Roch Market, Dr. Kendra Andrus of HEALTH N.U.T.T. System (provides COVID19 protocols & guidelines for team & event), Mike's Hardware (provided supplies for the project), The McCormick Family (provides meeting space) and Chic Nouvelle Model & Talent Management have provided funding stipends for youth and adult artists through Ya’ Heard Me & TANDEM ED grant.   


Thus far the year-long program has awarded Russell Robinson (folk artist), Reuben Craddock (designer), and Jared Valry (musician & performer). Along with three youth Sasha Woods (Benjamin Franklin High School), Hailey Hayes & Rose Augustine (Light Christian Academy} that provides free training for youth artists of Whose Magazine? A Youth Publication aka Literacy Project International, in addition to performers, and adult artists planning, learning, and creating 100 wearable paper dresses and hats over the year. In association with Great AudacityStudio, and the Milliners Association of Nigeria, three-hundred strong.


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IN-PERSON & online experience



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PodCast: 35 mins.

IN-PERSON & online experienceS


Poetry Repurposed & Refueled sponsored by A Symphony of Sound with poetry & discussion with Colorado (praise poet Linda C. ShawSpecial guest: Bruce George of Founder of the Genus is Common™ Movement, Co-Founder of Def Poetry Jam on HBO, Activist, Entrepreneur, these are a few of #TheRecycleChallenge stories that w will be introduced.

Online Experience

April 23, 2023   TBA

January 2023 Registration Available

The Josephine Baker Story presented by burlesque performing artist, Tymisha Harris (aka “Tush”) has been performing professionally as a dancer, singer, actor, puppeteer, acrobat, stunt performer, stilt walker, choreographer, and costume designer, for the last 3 decades.

St.Roch Market VIP Passes /Online Experience

VIP Reception April 18, 2023  7:30pm - 8pm

Second full-hour show: TBA

Ticket Event: Available January 2023

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