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Utilizing the GET READY Grant: The Empowering Journey of Literacy Project International

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

By Madera E. Rogers-Henry

Literacy Project International is the non-profit that is the parent of The Recycle Challenge Parade & Festival, The Craftiing & Recycle Station and Whose Magazine? A youth Publication. We are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded a "GET READY" Grant from NPN (National Performance Network). The National Performance Network (NPN), is a vibrant network of artists and organizations committed to advancing racial and cultural justice through the arts. For more information:

Many of you may not know we are no longer located at St. Roch's Market. We have moved to a workshop space in the Lower 9th Ward and by October 5th, 2023, we will have new locations throughout New Orleans where we will be in the community. Details on locations will be announced on the 5th of October. This grant will play a pivotal role in helping us prepare for better preparedness to introduce our crafting experiences scheduled at various locations within the New Orleans area. With the funding provided by NPN (National Performance Network), the grant allows us to now contract stipend team members who will assist in accounting, administrative support, and building stations for setting up at locations. This opportunity marks a significant milestone in our organization's journey toward empowering communities through literacy and artistic expression.


Development of the Literacy Project International:

Literacy Project International was founded with a strong belief in the transformative power of literacy and the arts. Our organization's mission is to cultivate a love for reading, writing, and creativity among children and adults in underserved communities. By providing educational resources and engaging programming, we strive to expand opportunities for personal and intellectual growth.

The GET READY Grant and Its Impact:

Receiving the GET READY Grant has allowed us to take our initiatives to the next level. The grant's funding has enabled us to acquire insurance and assemble a dedicated team of stipend members who will play crucial roles in our upcoming projects. These individuals will contribute their expertise in accounting, event organization, and community outreach, helping us create a seamless experience for participants and maximize the impact of our initiatives.

Community Outreach and Festivals:

One of the key aspects of our literacy project is community outreach. The GET READY Grant has equipped us with the resources to engage with underserved communities effectively. With the support of our stipend team members, we will be able to visit schools, community centers, and libraries, promoting literacy and offering crafting experiences that foster creativity and self-expression.

Accounting and Financial Stability:

Proper financial management is crucial for any successful project. The GET READY Grant has empowered us to hire a stipend team member with accounting expertise. This individual will help us streamline our financial processes, ensuring transparency and fiscal responsibility. By maintaining accurate records and managing resources effectively, we can enhance our project's overall efficiency and sustainability. This allows us to provide better reporting and accountability to our fiscal agent CCI - Collaborative Community Initiative.

Building a Platform for Growth:

Thanks to the GET READY Grant, Literacy Project International now has the opportunity to establish a solid foundation for future growth. The stipend team members will assist us in developing a comprehensive framework that can be scaled and replicated in other communities. This will enable us to expand our reach, inspire more individuals with the power of literacy, and foster a love for reading and creativity in children and adults alike.


Being awarded the GET READY Grant from NPN has been a tremendous honor and a decisive milestone for Literacy Project International. This grant opens up countless opportunities for us to make a lasting impact in the New Orleans community. With our stipend team members to guide us, we are ready to create meaningful crafting experiences, engage in community outreach, and participate in festivals. This grant has paved the way for us to empower individuals through literacy, highlighting the immense potential for personal and social transformation that can be achieved through the alliance of education, creativity, and community involvement.

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Linda Shaw
Linda Shaw
Nov 16, 2023

Congratulations on receiving the "Get Ready" grant! I am excited to see the growth and potential the Literacy Project will birth into our youth and adults. A wonderful milestone for a worthy organization!

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