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The Recycle Challenge Punch Card Rewards: Inspiring Recycling Consciousness

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

By Madera E. Rogers-Henry

Over the past five to six weeks, I've had the pleasure of volunteering with REALCYCLE on Sunday. morning's at the Farmer's Market at City Park. It's been an enjoyable experience. I've even run into some of our clients we use to service at St. Roch's Market.

What I like about REALCYCLE is that they accept a wide array of recyclables from organic food scraps, aluminum, tin cans, glass and cardboard. The service is free to anyone who bring recyclables, and their punch card awards program.

As one of our community partners, we utilize their services when our sorting station is at compacity.

After viewing the ease of the Punch Card system at the farmers market, I'm implementing it into our current system. We will still collect our community's recycled materials with a sign in procedure to include names, what's being donated and email addresses. By adding a punch card for our recycle clients they can keep track of their individual donations. Plus we will begin to build personalized accounts, at a later date they can scan a QCODE and list materials they have recycled. The punch card system allows us to track the volume and allows the customer to keep track of their visits.

Moreover, this system also facilitates communication with customers, enabling us to send updates, rewards, and appreciation for their generous donations.

The Recycle Challenge Punch Card Rewards program

is designed to encourage and reward individuals who actively participate in recycling efforts.

By creating an incentive structure that offers free gifts from various programs or partners, this program aims to motivate more individuals to embrace sustainability and contribute to a greener future. With every seven visits, participants can redeem a special gift, while surprise gifts await those who make large donations.

To date, we have 100 recycle clients that have repeatedly donated their recyclables to The Recycle Challenge. The Punch Card Rewards program stands as a testament to the power of incentives in driving positive change and creating a sustainable future. By offering rewards for recycling efforts and surprise gifts for large donations, this program strives to motivate individuals to become more conscious of their waste and recycling habits.

Together, we can create a cleaner, greener world for future generations.

Where to take your recycle materials?

We are coordinating

our October schedule at various locations in New Orleans. Look for details.

The best place on Sunday's, 8:00 am - 12:00 noon. Look for REALCYCLE at City Parks Crescent City Farmers Market, 5100 Marconi Drive, New Orleans 70124.

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