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Shifting to Pop-Up: Engaging New Orleans in the Recycle Challenge CRAFTING & RECYCLE STATION

Writer Madera E. Rogers-Henry

As part of our commitment to sustainability and community engagement, we are thrilled to announce our move from a physical space at St. Roch Market to a pop-up experience for the Recycle Challenge Crafting and Recycling Station. This exciting transition enables us to reach a wider audience by setting up shop in various locations throughout New Orleans, with a particular focus on the St. Roch, Pontchartrain Park/Gentilly, and Lower 9th Ward neighborhoods. Anyone who has an interest!

Embracing Mobility:

By shifting to a pop-up model, we are able to bring our crafting and recycling station directly to the communities that need it most. We will be setting up at local farmer markets, parks, community centers, and other public & private spaces, making it more accessible and convenient for residents to participate in the Recycle Challenge. We have a surprise announcement in a few days on several community partnerships that will increase our educational platform.

Engaging the St. Roch Neighborhood:

The St. Roch neighborhood holds a special place in our hearts as the location of our previous physical space. Although we are no longer rooted in one spot, we are committed to maintaining a strong presence in this community. By hosting our pop-up experiences and crafting workshops here, we hope to continue fostering sustainable practices, inspiring creativity, and promoting environmental awareness among residents.

Spotlight on Pontchartrain Park/Gentilly:

Pontchartrain Park and Gentilly neighborhoods are known for their vibrant communities and rich cultural heritage. By bringing our pop-up station to these areas, we aim to strengthen the bond between sustainability and local identity. Residents from all walks of life will have the opportunity to participate in crafting workshops, learn about recycling initiatives, and contribute to a greener future for their neighborhoods.

Supporting the Lower 9th Ward:

The Lower 9th Ward has faced many challenges, but its resilience and sense of community have been truly inspiring. Through our pop-up experience, we want to be a part of facilitating positive change in this neighborhood by equipping residents with the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to embrace recycling and sustainable practices. We have moved into one of our supporters whose garage will allow is to start building stalls on wheels, moveable mini dress floats and more. Also, I'm out growing my home! My family humors me because they like me. But, I can't expect my family home to stay our sorting station, workspace and costume building facility. Together, we can work towards revitalizing this historic community and creating a more sustainable future.


Our shift from a physical space to a pop-up experience for the Recycle Challenge Crafting and Recycling Station marks an exciting new chapter in our mission to promote sustainability throughout New Orleans. By reaching out to diverse communities such as St. Roch, Pontchartrain Park/Gentilly, and the Lower 9th Ward, we hope to spread awareness, inspire creativity, and foster a sense of empowerment among residents. Together, let's make a difference and build a greener, more sustainable New Orleans.

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