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Updated: Oct 12, 2023

By The Recycle Challenge Team Member

First, we'd like to welcome our newest community partner, Dillard's University Omicron Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.

The Recycle Challenge Parade & Festival program Crafting & Recycle Station. The sorority will take an active role in organizing, sorting, and providing volunteers for our crafting and recycling station which will be located behind Dillard's Kearney Dining Hall every other Saturday, beginning October 21, 2023, and November 4, 2023. This informal crafting and recycling station will serve as a hub for students, faculty, and staff to drop off recyclable materials, creating a culture of recycling and waste reduction on campus.

The Purpose: Our crafting and recycling station is a "free" service that educates, and promotes sustainable practices by encouraging the reuse and repurposing of materials. It provides resources and creative outlets for individuals to create unique crafts and costumes while also reducing waste. We aim to set up stations throughout New Orleans in communities that would otherwise not be exposed to or aware of. We are focusing on areas such as Dillard University, St. Claude Avenue & Elysian Fields Avenue, and neighborhoods such as Seabrook, Pontchatrain Park, and Gentilly.

Preparation of Recyclables: To ensure efficient recycling and reuse processes, please follow these steps:


- For glass, you will be asked to remove lids or caps and place in a container at our recycling station.

- Clean and rinse out all recyclable materials, removing any food or residue.

- Flatten paper and cardboard boxes to save space.

- Separate different types of recyclables into designated containers for easy sorting.


Please make sure when you drop off, add your email address on paper taped to the front of your drop-off bag or box. Include your first and last name with the email address.

Types of Recyclables

Accepted: We accept a wide range of recyclable materials, including but not limited to:

- Paper and cardboard: Old newspapers, magazines, cardboard boxes, paper bags, and unwanted documents.

- Plastic: Clean plastic bottles, containers, and packaging materials.

- Glass: Glass bottles, jars, and other glass containers.

- Metal: Aluminum cans, tin cans, aluminum foil, and small metal objects.

- Styrofoam: Food containers and package

- Unwanted jewelry and other accessories

Please note that we do not accept hazardous materials, such as chemicals, batteries, or sharp objects. These items should be disposed of separately, following appropriate guidelines.

Sign In

We ask all who recycle with us to sign in the following way:

1. Sign in to our recycle book with your first and last name, along with your email address.

2. Provide a brief inventory list of the recyclable items you are bringing and the approximate quantity. This will help in organizing and planning for efficient recycling efforts.

3. Once your recyclable items are accepted, you will receive a punch card.

4. Each time you bring recyclable items to this station or any other stations we host, present your punch card. Every donation made will earn a punch on your card.

5. After a certain number of punches, as determined by the recycling program, you may be eligible for special incentives or rewards, or free passes to events or activities we host.

6. Be sure to keep your punch card safe and bring it with you each time you visit the recycling and crafting station.

By following this quick and straightforward signup procedure, you can actively contribute to the recycling efforts at the station and earn rewards for your dedication to sustainability. Thank you for your commitment to making a positive environmental impact!

Crafting Materials: Our crafting and recycling station provides various materials for your creative projects, such as:

- Scrap paper and cardboard

- Fabric remnants

- Buttons, beads, and other small embellishments

- Ribbons, yarn, and strings

- Old doors, and pallets

Feel free to bring your own crafting supplies or donate any surplus materials to the station.

By adhering to these guidelines, we can create a vibrant and sustainable crafting community that promotes recycling and creativity.

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