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T H A N K  Y O U

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       Dr. Kendra Adrus- New Orleans                                 Hailey - New Orleans                                                  Rose - New Orleans                                              Sasha Woods-New Orleans   
       Rose Princess Coordinator & Queen                    Hallow's Eve Paper Dress 2023                                 Stripes & Stars Paper Dress 2023                                The African Paper Dress 2023 youth 2023 rtist & Writer / Editor                                                                                                                                                                                               


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Theo Read with Jhan and Hailey IMG_9819 (1)_edited.jpg
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Youth from Light Christian Academy (2018-2019) New Orleans:

All 32 youth ranging from 1st to 12th grades worked on creating a wide range of paper guitars & houses under artist, Russell Robinson's direction. In addition, a grant provided by YSA (Youth Service America) allowed Whose Magazine? A Youth publication to introduce The Green Journey Series which is an educational component that introduces green to recycling practices and information. Children created Whose News, Cooking With A Chef, to Smart Art teaches youth about recycling and repurposing trash into art and other products. Youth documented the experience with photography and created miniature guitars, earth pins (finished and unfinished), a puppet head, and drawing of flowers onto old office files. These files were then turned into sunflowers. To be exact forty flowers for The Paper Sunflower Dress. Under the direction of Madera E. Rogers-Henry, the youth learned her paper layering to begin her Sunflower dress.  

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       Sharintra - New Orleans                                        Naderah McComick- New Orleans                                  Russell Robinson - New Orleans                           Sasha Woods-New Orleans
       The Paper Fringe Dress Artist                                 The Paper Butterfly Dress Artist                             Big Mama Paper Dress & Church Fabricator               The African Paper Dress Artist &                  2022                                                                          2022                                                                                      2023                                                                          2023

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Folake Okunaiya 
President  of Milliners Association of Nigeria          

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On Earth Day April 22nd, and 23rd, 2023, located at the historic St. Roch's Market in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

As a fundraiser for Literacy Project International AKA Whose Magazine? A Youth Publication, performers showcased ways that paper and other materials could be recycled into costumes. The series served as a community outreach presented in the form of a three-day experience with a performance parade featuring queens, Rose Princesses, and hats from the Milliner's Association of Nigeria wearing paper and recycled dresses and costumes.

All intertwined with community, parents & elders, stilt walkers, children drummers, poets, and art bridging recycling, repurposing while reducing trash. Our aim is to engage the human senses - feeding the heart, mind, and soul.

It bridges the world of activism, sustainability, recycling, and art. The focus - how art can solve issues around the environment, social justice, and reducing trash pollution. 

Video: Rose Princesess and model BeBe of Chic Nouvelle


Demonstrate a new model for cleaner, greener, safer, and socially conscious events that stimulate our senses even as they challenge our perceptions. As we turn trash into art, we will also turn art into social consciousness. Most performers incorporated an aspect of recycling to repurpose into their performing attires.
*  Live musical performances

*  Virtual presentation features international artists who have incorporated green and  
sustainable practices into their finished works of art. 
*  An outdoor location that supports and/or demonstrates a commitment to sustainability   
*  The growing awareness of the potential viability and beauty of sustainability
*   On-Site glass recycling platform.

Video: Artist Hailey of Light Christain Academy (New Orleans)


* The New Orleans community donated to date over 

to THE RECYCLE CHALLENGE located at St. Roch Market. In two-days St. Roch's Market recycled 98% of glass utilized by food vendors and guests.

* Twenty-four hat makers from The Milliner's Association of Nigeria, created thirty-four hats that were

made of paper and fibers - that included fascinators, berets, and wide brims. 




    *From 2018 to the present, over

      ten wearable art dresses have

      been crafted by youth and adults alike.

     Learn more about the challenge.

*Sunflower Dress 




*Thee Church Dress

         Cardboard for church 


*Butterfly Skirt (waiting for report)

* Fringed Dress            75 newspaper sheets  


Over  60 roses of various sizes have been made from construction paper to recycled paper

1650 lbs of glass

500 sheets of newspaper  

200 magazine pages

100 sheets 

1 to 3 boxes

30 recycled file folders

700 newspaper pages

1000 newspaper pages

Video: Mariah Casimier in Thee Church Dress, Musicians Donald Surtain Jr & Keiko, Models wearing a paper dress, elder poet, stilt walker and children drummers, and models unpacking paper hats from Nigeria



"It was really cool watching some attendees actually bring in tow their unwanted glass bottles and jars. These folks accepted the challenge and attended for free."



"In New Orleans, St. Roch Market is a tourist destination. Our foot traffic in an hour could be over three hundred in a matter of an hour - on busy days. Before the pandemic, each year around April, we could expect our foot traffic and food transactions to be decreased. This year Earth Day, we saw increased foot traffic and had more than 202 food transactions on record."


Folake - Nigerian Milliner - FOSTERS CREATIVITY

"I am happy that Milliners of Nigeria accepted the challenge "The Recycle Challenge encourages creativity at the highest degree. Amazing! The online training, and energy that Madera shares with us, introduced a new way for us in Nigeria - a new way to create something from nothing. I now realize that it was making us aware of trash to wealth."


Sasha Woods - Youth Artist/Whose Magazine? Editor - INCREASES PERSONAL AWARENESS OF


“The most valuable thing It’s taught me is to be kinder to the environment. It’s taught me to appreciate the world we live in. Especially with all global changes, global warming, etc. "



“Through our festival, we bring together young and old, alike. We are a family-friendly experience that showcases music, fashion, and art and intertwines to showcase recycling and repurposing. It's a positive vibe that celebrates the rich African history that's so abundant in New Orleans. THE RECYCLE CHALLENGE educates attendees on culture and traditions repurposed from paper and other rubbish into whimsical to stunning wearable works of art and costumes. “

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