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                   OUR ORGANIZATION  




 Volunteers from CORE NEW ORLEANS & daughter (far right & far left) with parent and youth from community. Building our signage from trash.

Our overall mission is to empower & inform at-risk and underserved youth & community by connecting them to real-world expectations, experiences & assignments that enhance their reading, writing, oral presentation, creative. and critical thinking abilities. Whose Magazine programming, and The Recycle Challenge Crafting Station and the Parade & Festival are programs of the Literacy Project International aka Whose Magazine? A Youth Publication and our fiscal agent, CCI (Collaborative Community Initiative).'


 Volunteers from CMMP (Comprehensive Medical Mentoring Program) NEW ORLEANS at St. Roch Market community build.

Whether you start as a volunteer, intern, or paid team member, each plays a vital role in our non-profit and the programs we offer. Our organization is comprised of a richness of volunteers to team members ranging from youngsters to elders who have offered their time, skills, and enthusiasm. Previous volunteer/intern partners such as CORE NEW ORLEANS and VISAGE provided weekly interns & volunteer support. Added to this, we have individuals who volunteer to organizations such as Louisiana Just Recovery Network and CMP providing one-day volunteer support not only helps fulfill organizational objectives, personal growth, and a sense of purpose, fostering a stronger sense of community and social impact.

The focus is on raising funds and awareness for the non-profit Literacy Project International AKA Whose Magazine? A Youth Publication, the fiscal agent is Collaborative Community Initiative LLC.). To familiarize yourself with our programming, click to see HIGHLIGHTS of the 2022 Report, & achievements! 


 Volunteers from VISAGE  assist to build suits from trash.

 Youth & Parent volunteer to participate in a community trash pick-up in Pontchartrain Park Neighborhood, 


There are numerous benefits to both individuals and communities that participate in community outreach events, It fosters a sense of belonging, strengthens, social connections, promotes social justice skills, gains experience, and develops empathy. It also leads to a healthier and happier community, as it encourages collaboration, enhances communication, and improves the overall quality of life. Through paid-team members' positions, we provide a positive organizational culture. that values and respects the efforts and contributions of employees. This can lead to higher levels of engagement, collaboration, and overall satisfaction within the workforce.

Theo Read with Jhan and Hailey IMG_9819 (1)_edited.jpg

 Youth reporters conduct a press conference at Wesley Barrow Stadium, before Community Trash Pick-Up.


 Youth Volunteers stop by to assist while at St. Roch Market. Taking time after working on the final touches for JAMNOLA Queen's headress. 

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