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Dwayne “Dreamer” McKee of Dreamer’s Touch,  Muscular Therapy as the first recipient of our community outreach.    A Natural Healer, Wellness restorer. Using his hands, as well as His heART .Dreamer like to keep it S.E.M.P.L.E. Facilitating a MindNbody Connection, giving relief to the subconscious tensing and stressings of the body thru Massage & BodyWork. With 17 years of Massage Therapy experience and 4 decades of Life Experiences, Dreamer learned that the proper Touch can give you relief and a sense of freedom. Touch brings life and he would like to share this gift with you. The funds raised will assist Whose Magazine? (Literacy Project International) and its fiscal agent CCI.


IN OCTOBER Dreamer will be our featured Healing Artist at the HI NEW ORLEANS, 1028 Canal St, New Orleans, LA 70112.

 ( Bringing a Touch of Life to the veins of the city)

Experience a 10min, 20min, or 40min Sessions at an Appreciated Price.

   Appreciated price is our version of sliding scales.

Portions of the proceeds will be cycled back towards, HI NEW ORLEANS, and Literacy Project International aka Whose Magazine? A Youth Publication. 

Together we will be Creating a Green space to say HI to fellow dreamers..

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